Acupuncture at NESCA

Acupuncturist Dan Chace (who prefers to be called "Chace") is uniquely and extensively experienced in working with children, even toddlers, whom he treats for anxiety, depression, attentional issues and some of the symptoms associated with developmental, digestive and other disorders. Appointments with him can be arranged by calling 617-658-9800, or emailing

He practices a minimally or non-invasive form of Japanese acupuncture, using very fine-gauge needles or in many cases, no needles at all, instead relying upon various other tools applied externally. He also addresses nutritional and other lifestyle factors that influence child development.

The many parents who wish to explore integrative treatment options that may not involve medicating their children may find his services both appropriate and effective, along with yoga and other therapies offered at NESCA.

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