Assistive Technology Services at NESCA

Assistive Technology ranges from no-tech to high tech options. By using these assistive technology options, be it a special pen to record lectures to an app that tracks your health or progress on personal goals, these sophisticated, (as well as very simple systems), will immensely benefit any student or young adult who would like to improve their study skills, learning, attention or organizational skills. Most disability-related challenges can be supported with some sort of assistive technology.

For many students, the use of assistive technology helps to increase independence.

Seminars & Workshops

Below is a sampling of our Assistive Technology workshops. Trainings may be tailored to meet the needs of your school or organization. Workshops typically range in length from 1-3 hours but can be shortened or lengthened upon request.

Available Trainings:
  • Your Phone as Your Frontal Lobe
  • 21st Century Notetaking
  • iPad Apps for Executive Functioning
  • Assistive Technology: Supporting Students in the Classroom
  • And more…

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“The sooner students with learning differences learn how to use both high- and low-tech forms of assistive technology that are available to them, the sooner they can take an active part in managing their learning and ‘leveling the playing field. ”

- Karen, Mother of two tutorial recipients