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Welcome to NESCA

Neuropsychology & Education Services for Children & Adolescents (NESCA) is one of the most well respected and recognized pediatric neuropsychology and integrative treatment practices in New England. With offices in Newton, Hingham, and Plainville, Massachusetts, and Londonderry, New Hampshire, as well as staff in greater Burlington, Vermont, we are a group of dedicated, expert clinicians with highly diverse skills and broad perspective who have a shared tenacity for helping clients from infancy through young adulthood along with their families and educators.

Founded in 2007 by Dr. Ann Helmus, the team of clinicians includes more than 20 master's and doctoral level professionals, offering domestic and international neuropsychological evaluations, psychological testing, postsecondary transition services, educational occupational therapy services, speech and language evaluation services, educational consultation, psychoeducational counseling, and integrative treatment services. Our work helps create the roadmap, or game plan, that allows people to rewrite the script of their lives, tell a new story and create a path forward!

Our Core Values...

  • We’re collaborative—We believe that together, we achieve better answers for children and families.
  • We care, deeply—We’re a values-driven organization. We chose our profession because we enjoy helping children and families. We have high expectations for ourselves.
  • We build relationships—We help children build connections with parents, siblings, teachers, peers and the greater community. We’re invested in the success of children and families. We’re real and relatable. We support each other and our collective mission as NESCA.
  • We are curious, lifelong learners—We learn from each other, openly sharing our experience and ideas and inviting those of our broader professional community. We’re not afraid to ask questions.
  • We’re creative problem solvers—We’re flexible, not formulaic, in how we approach a situation. We act as detectives, embracing complexity, looking at the data beyond the data, leveraging a broad array of unique tools and strategies to deliver an approach to evaluation, coaching, consultation and treatment that’s personalized. We look for the good in every child, unearthing strengths and identifying the services, tools and coaching to accommodate limitations while enhancing strengths.

Types of challenges we typically evaluate and treat:

  • Reading problems (including dyslexia) and academic issues
  • Language-based, nonverbal and other learning disabilities
  • Autism Spectrum and Social Communications disorders
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs)
  • Executive functioning deficits
  • Emotional issues, including anxiety and depression
  • Trauma and stress-related disorders
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Complex presentations that don’t fit neatly into a diagnostic category

I wanted you to know that we finally reached a comprehensive agreement with our school district for (our son’s) case. While many people made this happen, we are chiefly indebted to you. Your skilled analysis at each step made it possible for us to credibly demonstrate his needs. Additionally, though, your testing and thoughtful analysis has done more than anything to help us, as parents, understand how (our son’s) brain sees the world. For this, we can never repay you.

A grateful parent

Over the last 10 years, you have consistently been a source of support and advice, rescuing the most difficult situations. You have always accommodated my needs to fit within your hectic schedule. Words cannot express my appreciation.

Parent - Arlington, MA

NESCA (Neuropsychology & Education Services for Children & Adolescents) is most highly regarded throughout the region. NESCA’s outreach and community service programs are outstanding. Throughout, Ann’s leadership is evident in terms of quality control and attention to the client’s unique needs. In summary, I heartily recommend Dr. Helmus as a professional who understands the complexity of children with various learning and social/emotional challenges. She is a master of helping parents understand how to help their children.

Head of a Private School for Children with Learning Disabilities

If you’re looking for a thorough and comprehensive transition assessment and/or consult on other options, try NESCA. They are pricey, but worth it and do excellent follow up consulting with Teams. If you don’t need the whole bundle, they can help with recommending other appropriate evaluators.

Educational Advocate

[My son] LOVED talking with you! Not only did he hear you, he listened (one of his phrases...mom, I heard you I just wasn’t listening). He is on board with some counseling and I will get a move on that. Thank you again for all you’ve done! This has been an eye opening experience. A privilege for sure along with great responsibility. We will do our very best to make sure that we set him up for success and that he gets what he needs to succeed! We will keep you posted on his adventures for sure. Many thanks again for your guidance and support!

Parent of 13 year-old student

Thank you so much for meeting with me this morning. Initially, as you know, I had resisted thinking that I wouldn't learn anything new but I stand corrected. You were quick, on target, very well informed - just what this harried mother needed! We were recommended to you with, "she's the best in the business" or something to that effect - I agree! Thanks again for your very helpful, concise, informative meeting.

Mother of a transition-aged youth

I am so grateful for all your support!! You are indeed an amazing person. You seem to have a magic wand because [my son] made tremendous progress since our first session. We are so lucky to work with you.

Parent of teen working with a NESCA Real-life Skills Coach over Zoom

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the faith you had in my “gut” feelings and the encouragement you gave me during some difficult and confusing times. I have always appreciated the encouragement and faith and still sometimes rely on it. Thank you for all you’ve done to make me a better IF [inclusion facilitator] and helping me make a difference in these awesome kids’ lives.

Public School Inclusion Facilitator