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Sit Down with Billy Demiri, Certified Personal Trainer and Autism Fit Instructor at NESCA

Billy Demiri, a Personal Trainer in Boston for the past 5 years, has recently joined NESCA to offer Personal and Social Coaching (PSC) for clients. We recently caught up with him while he was doing agility courses, wall sits and resistance bands with a client.


Tell us about your background, training, and certifications:

I grew up in Malden, Massachusetts. After high school, I attended Merrimack College and graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine with a concentration in Physical Therapy. Since then, I have obtained several certifications: I’m NSCA-CPT (National Strength Condition Association – Certified Personal Trainer) certified, Autism Fit Certified, TRX Certified, Kettle Bell Athletics Level One certified, and also pre- and post-natal certified.

I have worked as a personal trainer for 5 years helping a wide range of clients reach their goals. Over the years, I have learned to tailor programs based on client’s specific goals, whether it be fat loss, building muscle, or just moving better in their daily lives.

For those of us who aren’t familiar, what does a personal trainer do?

As a certified personal trainer, I work with people to achieve fitness goals—both short- and long-term. For each client, I create training programs tailored to their specific needs and goals. It’s also important to be able to adjust and modify workouts around people’s preexisting injuries or disabilities.

What do you love about your job?

Believe it or not, I used to be very unfit and uncoordinated. Growing up I played lots of sports and I remember not being able to do jumping jacks properly and being laughed at by my teammates until I finally worked on my fitness and through hard work ended up becoming a captain of the team. The experience made me connect the dots between the importance of being fit and your overall wellbeing.

I believe that being fit makes a difference in mental health as well as physical wellbeing. As a personal trainer, I get to work with people, help them progress, and make positive changes in their lives.

What brought you to NESCA?

I met Ann (Helmus, Founder/Director of NESCA) at Equinox. She jokes that I was one of the first people who could help her make sense of some of the exercises and equipment. Ann felt that many of the strengths I had in working with her-–patience, how to motivate, adjust workouts, make fun—could be a good fit for the kids at NESCA. Fitness had such a big impact on me as a kid; When Ann mentioned Autism Fit Certification, I was immediately interested. I learned so much at that training and I love being able to help vulnerable kids to develop confidence and skills.

What types of clients are you planning to work with and when are you available for sessions?

I started working at NESCA three months ago and have had a lot of success with one 12-year-old boy. I am planning to expand to additional male clients ages 8-18. With my Autism Fit Certification, I will be working with many clients who have autism or related learning disabilities. I am currently available on Tuesdays and Fridays after 2pm or on Saturdays from 8am-2pm.



How will you start working with clients? What is your intake process like?

First, I meet with parents to discuss needs and goals. This is about 30 minutes. Then, I will take the child through an evaluation process to assess motivation and a physical workout. The whole intake process will take 60-90min.

What exercise equipment will you be using and how will you protect clients from injury?

I use lots of different equipment including Hurdle Steps, Agility Ladder, TRX, SandBell, Bands, Medicine Balls, and Cones. Protecting clients from injury starts with good initial training. I will monitor their form and teach them proper technique and how to move their bodies properly so they can control their movement and avoid injury.

How can children or teens with social-cognitive challenges like autism benefit from fitness activities?

Exercise is one of the most effective instant happiness boosters of all time. For kids who often struggle with low muscle tone, poor motor planning, and proprioception difficulties, fitness activities help to increase strength, stability, and motor planning for all daily activities, not just working out. But also, more importantly, participating in regular fitness like Personal and Social Coaching (PSC) at NESCA, provides an opportunity for kids to have repetitive successful physical experiences. PSC will help create a new foundation for socialization and communication by introducing the conceptual framework for play. As kids gain more confidence in their physical abilities, they will want to participate and socialize in more activities. Also, when kids are more active and confident, the regular movement decreases anxiety and potentially even depression symptoms. Regular practice with fitness will also help decrease off-task behavior because kids practice and are able to focus on one exercise at a time.

What other goals might you work on with clients?

Other goals we can work on can be sport specific goals, including coordination, strength, and weight loss. With some clients, we may even work on community-specific goals like using a local rock climbing gym. Also, we work with staying on task and building confidence in their abilities so they can have fun and socialize when they play physically.

What do you enjoy doing outside of NESCA?

I enjoy hiking with my dog, playing sports, cooking, riding my motorcycle, Jiu- Jitsu, and obviously working out!


Video-What one 12-year-old client has to say about Billy!

Ready to get fit with Billy?

Billy will be initially working with clients who are part of the NESCA family and have already participated in testing, consultation, or therapy at one of our Massachusetts or New Hampshire offices. To learn more about his services, please email bdemiri@nesca-newton.com. Or, to book an intake with Billy, please complete NESCA’s Intake Form at https://nesca-newton.com/intake-form/ and select “Personal and Social Coaching (PSC)” as your reason for referral.

As a certified personal trainer and autism fit instructor at NESCA, Billy will not be giving medical advice, physical therapy advice or attempt to make a medical diagnosis for any client. He also will not serve as a therapist or psychological counselor to clients.




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