Job Openings at NESCA

About Us

NESCA (Neuropsychology & Education Services for Children & Adolescents), one of the most respected and recognized, private multi-disciplinary neuropsychology practices in New England, is expanding and seeks self-motivated clinicians and administrative staff to join its locations in Newton and Plainville, MA and Londonderry, NH.

Founded in 2007, NESCA is proud to provide the highest quality evaluation and treatment services for children, adolescents, and young adults in the region. The team currently includes 20 master’s- and doctorate-level professionals, offering neuropsychological evaluations, both domestic and international, psychological testing, postsecondary transition services, occupational therapy services, educational consultation, psychoeducational counseling and integrative treatment services, such as personal & social coaching and acupuncture.

We welcome you to be part of a highly supportive work environment as part of a team of dedicated professionals. Every position at NESCA is configured to facilitate work-family-life balance with a high level of control over scheduling, vacations, remote work, etc.

NESCA Core Values:

  • We’re collaborative—We believe that together, we achieve better answers for children and families.
  • We care, deeply—We’re a values-driven organization. We chose our profession because we enjoy helping children and families. We have high expectations for ourselves.
  • We build relationships—We help children build connections with parents, siblings, teachers, peers and the greater community. We’re invested in the success of children and families. We’re real and relatable. We support each other and our collective mission as NESCA.
  • We are curious, lifelong learners—We learn from each other, openly sharing our experience and ideas and inviting those of our broader professional community. We’re not afraid to ask questions.
  • We’re creative problem solvers—We’re flexible, not formulaic, in how we approach a situation. We act as detectives, embracing complexity, looking at the data beyond the data, leveraging a broad array of unique tools and strategies to deliver an approach to evaluation, coaching, consultation and treatment that’s personalized. We look for the good in every child, unearthing strengths and identifying the services, tools and coaching to accommodate limitations while enhancing strengths.

Training at NESCA

NESCA boasts a strong clinical training program for individuals seeking specialization in pediatric neuropsychology, offering both a two-year postdoctoral fellowship as well as early career training. At this time, NESCA is only accepting applications for early career positions. For questions regarding NESCA’s pediatric neuropsychology training program, please contact Dr. Angela Currie at