Coaching Services at NESCA

For students and young adults with social, emotional, organizational and/or learning differences, hands-on instruction in real-world environments is a critical means of developing skills for postsecondary living, learning and working. NESCA is pleased to offer individualized home-, community-, and office-based coaching services delivered by a team of seasoned Occupational Therapists (OTs), Vocational Counselors and Transition Specialists to support the needs of transition-age youth.

Executive Function Coaching

Organization, Time Management, Scheduling, Goal Setting, Routine Building, Digital & Technology Skills

Real-life Skills Coaching

Self-care/Hygiene, Morning & Evening Routines, Chores, Travel Training, Grocery Shopping, Managing Finances, Meal Planning & Preparation, Fitness & Nutrition

Pre- and College Coaching

Assessing Strengths & Preferences, Identifying Support Needs, Building a List, Managing College Applications, College Selection, College Readiness

Employment Coaching

Career Interest & Aptitude Testing, Exploring Potential Career Paths, Soft Skills & Transferable Skills, Accommodations & Disclosure Needs, Job Search, Job Applications, Job Maintenance

All coaching services are available in-person and virtually.
Travel fees may apply based on the location of the coaching.