Rebecca Girard, LICSW, CAS

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Rebecca Girard, LICSW, CAS is a licensed clinical social worker specializing in neurodivergent issues, sexual trauma, and international social work. She has worked primarily with children, adolescents, adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families for over a decade.

Ms. Girard is highly experienced in using Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) as well as Socio-dramatic Affective Relational Intervention (SDARI), in additional to a number of other modalities. She is excited to be partnering with The Affinity Project to provide enhanced psychotherapy to children with ASD at NESCA as well as to provide therapeutic support to youth with a range of mood, anxiety, social and behavioral challenges. Her approach is child-centered, strengths-based, creative and compassionate.

Previous to joining NESCA, she worked at the Developmental Disabilities Institute’s Center of Excellence to improve quality and efficiency of care for children with complex autism living in residential care across New York State.

She has worked as an autism specialist in higher education counseling settings, facilitated support groups at the Asperger/Autism Network of New England and at Massachusetts General Hospital providing therapeutic services to children and adolescents on the spectrum.

She was also part of the Northeast Arc’s Spotlight Program, a drama-based curriculum that teaches social skills to children with ASD, in its inaugural year.

She has been involved in the research of drama-based social skills interventions and participated in advocacy work through the Autism Commission Legislative Workgroup of Massachusetts. Ms. Girard’s professional passion is promoting tolerance and understanding of neuro-diverse people of all abilities.

Ms. Girard graduated Simmons College School of Social Work with a Master’s in Social Work and a concentration in Urban Leadership. She is a Certified Autism Specialist, a member of the Asperger/Autism Network of New England, a member of the International Federation of Social Workers and the National Association of Social Workers, and has trained extensively in trauma-informed care and sexual assault treatment/prevention. She has provided social work services to Massachusetts, New York, and abroad.

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