Counseling & Integrative Treatment

Psychoeducational Counseling

At NESCA we provide one-on-one dynamic holistic psychoeducational counseling for children, teens and young adults who experience emotional, attentional, challenges, anxiety and ASD and other challenges.  There are many options of counseling available to individuals and individuals choosing psychoeducational counseling have some level of self-awareness and are seeking help for a particular situation or problem. Psychoeducational counseling provides psychotherapy with education.  Psychoeducational counseling enhances outcomes by increasing knowledge and improving skills. Sessions may include discussion, reading of articles, completion of checklists, use of biofeedback tools, watching of videos, and by assigning tasks outside of the session and tracking tool/skill usage.

Psychoeducational counseling helps clients better understand themselves, improve social competence, manage stress, and many more areas.  NESCA’s psychoeducational counseling is a holistic socio-ecological approach that assesses a client in relationship to other systems (i.e. family, school etc.) and uses that information to inform treatment and decision making.  Psychoeducational counseling uses a variety of theoretical models (i.e. CBT, mindfulness, narrative, client-centered) to improve knowledge and skills. Many clients request psychoeducational counseling because they have a specific area or problem they want to address.  For instance, clients learn that they may have cognitive distortions that are interfering with their perception of events or situations. Parent/caregiver involvement where appropriate may include separate guidance sessions or joining sessions with their son/daughter.

Counselors at NESCA provide short-term or long term psycho educational counseling to enhance individual outcomes and improve self-awareness, social-emotional functioning and stress management of select individuals, as identified through the intake process.

To learn more about these services, please email Dot Lucci at Or, to book an intake with Dot Lucci, please complete NESCA’s Intake Form and note “Psychoeducational Counseling” as your reason for referral.


Personal and Social Coaching (PSC)

Exercise is one of the most effective instant happiness boosters of all time. Personal and Social Coaching (PSC) involves combining individualized personal training and autism fit techniques to create an individualized exercise program for a young person who has previously struggled to be fit. PSC clients work with trainer and instructor Billy Demiri on a weekly basis and begin taking part in fitness programming while also building social competence and confidence through the one-on-one training relationship. Billy’s Autism Fit Certification uniquely qualifies him to work with clients who have autism and related learning and attention difficulties.

How PSC Works

For kids who often struggle with low muscle tone, poor motor planning, and proprioception difficulties, fitness activities help to increase strength, stability, and motor planning for all daily activities, not just working out. More importantly, participating in regular fitness through PSC provides an opportunity for young people to have repetitive successful physical and social experiences. As kids gain more confidence in their physical abilities, they will want to participate and socialize more in additional environments and activities. Moreover, regular physical movement decreases anxiety and depression symptoms. It can also decrease off-task behavior because as the child or teen learns to focus on one exercise at a time.

Who Leads PSC at NESCA?

Billy Demiri, a Personal Trainer in Boston for more thant 5 years, has joined NESCA to offer Personal and Social Coaching (PSC) for clients. Billy is a native of Malden, Massachusetts. He attended Merrimack College and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine with a concentration in Physical Therapy. Billy has several fitness certifications including: NSCA-CPT (National Strength Condition Association – Certified Personal Trainer) Certified, Autism Fit Certified, TRX Certified, Kettle Bell Athletics Level One Certified, and also Pre- and Post-natal Certified.


Who is it for?

Boys ages 8-18 with autism, ADHD, or related social, emotional and learning challenges. Billy will be initially working with clients who are part of the NESCA family and have already participated in testing, consultation, or therapy at one of our Massachusetts or New Hampshire offices.

When does it happen?

Clients meet with Billy for 1 hour per week. This is usually after school hours or on Saturdays.

How can I find out if PSC is right for my child?

To learn more about his services, please email Or, to book an intake with Billy, please complete NESCA’s Intake Form and select “Personal and Social Coaching (PSC)” as your reason for referral.