International Evaluation

Expedited International Evaluations at NESCA

Welcome to NESCA! We greatly appreciate your confidence in us, which is shared by families from many nations—more than 20, in fact, at last count!

We will do our best to make your stay in the United States as comfortable as possible, and your child’s evaluation as efficient, stress-free, insightful and constructive as you deserve it to be. You can learn much more about our practice and clinical team by exploring this site, or read our award-winning blog, NESCA Notes.


NESCA is well-known and widely acknowledged as one of the finest private pediatric neuropsychology practices and integrative treatment centers in New England, the educational hub of the United States.

Collectively, our highly-trained professional staff has decades of experience at the highest levels. Working together with a shared commitment to best practice and a willingness to go well beyond the expected in time and effort, they deliver accurate and insightful assessments of even the most complex cases. Their evaluations generate timely, exceptionally clear and useful written reports, which embody a rich understanding of each child.

Special Services for International Clients

  • Expedited appointments
  • Assistance with accommodations
  • Arrangement of local transportation to and from our center
  • Evaluations completed quickly by clinical teams for clients with limited time
  • Interpretation services in many languages, and translation of written reports
  • Coordination of care with top professionals in related fields, including pediatricians, psychiatrists, educational consultants and attorneys, and overall case management

We can also offer expert assistance with educational program planning, school selection and testing for American secondary school admissions purposes.

Evaluate the evaluators.

NESCA has happily welcomed clients from the following countries: Bermuda, India, China (including Hong Kong), Taiwan, Korea, Egypt, Malaysia, Monaco, Bangladesh, Turkey, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Nigeria, Germany, the Philippines, Indonesia, Great Britain and Colombia.

Who We Serve

Don’t hesitate to ask your pediatrician or primary care physician, your educational advocate, attorney or other professionals involved in your child’s care for their recommendations. Most will have worked with several neuropsychologists or have had a chance to read their reports. Consult the various SEPAC websites and review their lists of member-recommended evaluators. If you have access to their ListServs, read the messages posted by users and ask questions of your own. Use the web resources available to you.

Finally, you may have a friend, neighbor or relative whose child has already been evaluated. Discuss their experience and its outcome with them. Positive word-of-mouth is the lifeblood of any good practice.

What We Evaluate

We assess children and adolescents confronted by developmental, learning or emotional challenges. Employing a range of specialized diagnostic and projective tests, we evaluate:

  • Reading problems and academic issues
  • Language-based, nonverbal and other learning disabilities
  • Autism spectrum disorders and related conditions
  • Executive functioning deficits and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Emotional issues including anxiety and depression
  • Intellectual disability (formerly mental retardation)