Amity Kulis, Psy.D.

Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Dr. Kulis conducts neuropsychological and psychological (projective) assessments for school-aged children through young adulthood. She sees a wide range of individuals with expertise in working with children with learning, attention, and executive functioning challenges as well as developmental delays and autism spectrum. She has a special interest in working with complex learners that may also struggle with emotional challenges and psychiatric conditions. Dr. Kulis also regularly participates in transition assessments focusing on the needs of adolescents as they emerge into adulthood.

Dr. Kulis individualizes her evaluations to address the unique and often complex questions that present in the intake process. In addition to conducting comprehensive evaluations that are data-driven, Dr. Kulis also regularly conducts school-based observations and speaks to those working with her clients on a more regular basis to gain a thorough understanding of a child’s individual needs. She often participates in school meetings, including TEAM meetings, to help share her findings with a student’s teachers.

Dr. Kulis joined NESCA in 2012 after earning her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, with a concentration in Children, Adolescents and Families (CAF). She then completed post-doctoral training in pediatric neuropsychology with an emphasis on treating children with developmental, intellectual, learning and executive functioning challenges. She also has extensive training in psychological testing as well as conducting individual and group therapies for children of all ages. Before joining NESCA Dr. Kulis also worked in private practices, clinics, and schools, conducting comprehensive assessments on children ranging from toddlers through young adults. In addition, Dr. Kulis has had the opportunity to consult with various school systems, conducting observations of programs, and providing in-service training for staff.

Dr. Kulis’ unique and comprehensive training and experiences allow her to understand the whole child and not just focus solely on the testing data. Given her focus on families and child development, Dr. Kulis likes to develop relationships with families and follow children as they grow, monitoring development and adjusting recommendation based on the child’s ever-changing needs.

During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, energetic young children, and beagle. She also likes cooking, arts and crafts, hiking and traveling.

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