Ann-Noelle McCowan, M.S., RYT

Guidance Counselor; Yoga Specialist

At NESCA therapeutic yoga-counseling sessions are designed for each child and what a child may need on that particular day. Therapeutic yoga- counseling establishes a safe space for a child to face their challenges while nourishing their innate strengths using the threefold combination of yoga movement, yoga breath and yoga thinking.

Ann-Noelle skillfully incorporates communication with families, educators and outside providers, while maintaining an approachable and advocacy role for her child/adolescent client. She has particular experience in working with anxious and depressed children as well as those who may be questioning their gender/sexuality, or who feel they don’t have their own cohort due to race, gender or learning abilities. Ann-Noelle’s continuing experience in both the school system and private practice at NESCA enhances her awareness of what children encounter during the day, and her focus on the practical application of how yoga and mindfulness skills can transition into their real world. Mindfulness, yoga and psycho-education are woven within her student individual and group work as a way to offset the stress and anxiety of day-to-day life and to build youth social, self and academic competencies.

Ann-Noelle has worked with children and adolescents since 2001 and practiced yoga and meditation since 2005. Since 2003 she has been employed full time as a school counselor in a local high performing school district, and prior to that was employed in the San Francisco Public Schools. Ann-Noelle received her dual Masters Degree (MS) in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy (MFCC), and School Counseling from San Francisco State University in 2002, her BA from Union College in New York, and her 200 hour-Registered Yoga Credential (RYT) from Shri Yoga. Ann-Noelle completed additional Yoga trainings including the Kid Asana Program in 2014, Trauma in Children in 2016 and Adaptive yoga for Parkinson’s in 2014.

Prior to NESCA, Ann-Noelle worked part-time at Academy Metro West running therapeutic physical playgroups for children and spent a summer providing counseling for elementary children through a special education extended school year. Since 2015 she has run yoga groups for neuro-typical, low cognitive and autistic middle school kids at her school site. Ann-Noelle was also on the planning board to create the first middle school-aged Youth Group for LGBTQ children and their parents in the Metro West area (NEXUS) and is active in advocating for these children in her school setting.

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