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We’re All “Perfection Pending”

By | NESCA Notes 2019

By: Ann Helmus, Ph.D.
NESCA Founder/Director

The final months of the school year always feel intense at NESCA as the clinical staff works diligently to get reports out on shorter timelines, squeeze in extra meetings and school observations, and ride the waves of joy and disappointment with parents who are seeking different educational placements for their child in the fall.  And somehow, every year, it all gets done, and then I can feel everyone let their breath out.  The halls of NESCA are a bit quieter now with staff taking well-deserved time off to be with their families and friends, relaxing and renewing in their favorite places.  I’ve just come back from a week of hiking in Norway, feeling rejuvenated by the time in nature and physical challenge—something we all need.

Even with the quieter summer months upon us, we continue to improve and expand NESCA’s services to meet the needs of the children and families we serve.

  • NESCA is very fortunate to have Dot Lucci, M.Ed., CAGS, join us as the Director of Consultation and Psychoeducational Services. I have worked with Dot many times over the last 30 years and am thrilled to have her as part of our team. She now brings her vast experience with the meaningful inclusion of children with special needs and her exceptional ability to work with school systems effectively to our NESCA families.
  • We also recently welcomed a new pediatric neuropsychologist, Dr. Yvonne Asher, who is splitting her time between the Newton and Londonderry offices. While she sees a wide range of children, Dr. Asher specializes in the evaluation of preschoolers and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • We are sad to be saying farewell to Holly Pelletier, our acupuncturist, who will be practicing full time in Maine, but welcome Meghan Meade, who will be taking her place starting today, today, July 15.
  • In September, Dr. Sophie Bellenis, OTD, OTR/L, will be joining us full time as a member of the Transition Planning Team under the leadership of Kelley Challen, Ed.M., CAS.

I hope you and your children enjoy the different pace and energy of the summer months and that this is a time of growth as well as reflection for all of you.


About the Author: 

NESCA Founder/Director Ann Helmus, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist who has been practicing for almost 20 years. In 1996, she jointly founded the  Children’s Evaluation Center (CEC) in Newton, Massachusetts, serving as co-director there for almost ten years. During that time, CEC emerged as a leading regional center for the diagnosis and remediation of both learning disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

In September of 2007, Dr. Helmus established NESCA (Neuropsychology & Education Services for Children & Adolescents), a client and family-centered group of seasoned neuropsychologists and allied staff, many of whom she trained, striving to create and refine innovative clinical protocols and dedicated to setting new standards of care in the field.

Dr. Helmus specializes in the evaluation of children with learning disabilities, attention and executive function deficits and primary neurological disorders. In addition to assessing children, she also provides consultation and training to both public and private school systems. She frequently makes presentations to groups of parents, particularly on the topics of non-verbal learning disability and executive functioning.


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Neuropsychology & Education Services for Children & Adolescents (NESCA) is a pediatric neuropsychology practice and integrative treatment center with offices in Newton and Plainville, Massachusetts, as well as Londonderry, New Hampshire. NESCA serves clients from preschool through young adulthood and their families. For more information, please email info@nesca-newton.com or call 617-658-9800.