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Why Teletherapy?

By November 27, 2023Nesca Notes 2023

By: Carly Edelstein, MSW, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Executive Function Coach

During the pandemic, providers all over the world implemented virtual services. While some therapy clients preferred and/or needed to shift back to in-person once deemed safe, others grew fond of meeting with their therapist virtually. Given the effectiveness, convenience, and flexibility, teletherapy is here to stay. Unlike medical doctors, most therapists don’t need to check your temperature or blood pressure when they see you. Rather, therapists aim to create a physical space where their clients feel safe and comfortable. That said, what if you feel the most comfortable being vulnerable in your home? While not everyone sees the appeal in teletherapy, having the option increases accessibility, and studies show clients attend teletherapy more consistently than in-person, yielding more desired outcomes.

Feeling emotionally and physically comfortable at home during teletherapy is just as important as its convenience. Perhaps you’re a college student or working parent with limited free time in your busy schedule. Teletherapy offers flexibility by removing transportation and wait times. With rates of anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions rapidly rising, teletherapy is an option to consider if you’re seeking support.

Tips for preparing for your first teletherapy session:

  1. Consider privacy; place yourself in a room or space where you can discuss confidential information without others overhearing your conversation. Sound machines that make white noise can help to prevent sound waves from escaping the room.
  2. Limit any distractions; sign into the teletherapy platform in a brand new window versus a tab, so you’re not tempted to browse the web or check emails during your session. You want to set yourself up for success when it comes to being focused and staying present.
  3. Notice what’s in your background; in order to feel as comfortable as possible, make note of what your therapist may see behind you while on video.
  4. Sit back, relax, and trust the process!


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About the Author

Carly Edelstein is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Having worked both in private practice and schools, she has extensive experience supporting students, families and educational teams to make positive changes. Ms. Edelstein provides executive function coaching and psychotherapy to clients ranging from middle school through adulthood. She also offers consultation to schools and families in order to support her clients across home and community environments.

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