Neuropsychological Evaluation and Projective Testing Services in Hingham

NESCA Evaluations Offered in Hingham:

  • Neuropsychological Evaluationshelp to better understand why a child, teen, or young adult may be having difficulty meeting age-appropriate demands in school, the community, or at home, or to monitor a young person’s progress and course of development. Neuropsychological evaluations provide:
    •  a highly-detailed description of an individual’s developmental status, thinking patterns, and learning style
    • reports that are based upon a very careful integration of findings from developmental history, observations by parents, family members, teachers and clinician(s), and data from NESCA’s own testing
  • Projective Testingfocuses on social-emotional development and functioning, and involves additional, specialized testing by a highly trained clinician. Projective tests are:
    • performance-based tests that require the respondent to perform a task that has little structure, direction, or guidance
    • helpful in understanding why a child may be experiencing emotional distress or exhibiting significant changes in behavior or social functioning
    • often utilized to learn more about an individual’s mood and personality

NESCA’s Hingham clinicians specialize in middle and high school-aged children and young adults, including those who show signs of:

  • An Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Being psychologically complex
  • Mental health or mood disorders
  • Emotional, behavioral, and attentional challenges

About Dr. Moira Creedon, Ph.D.
Hingham-based Pediatric Neuropsychologist Moira Creedon, Ph.D., offers her expertise in evaluating children and teens with a variety of presenting issues. She is interested in uncovering an individual’s unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses to best formulate a plan for intervention and success. She tailors each assessment to address a range of referral questions, such as developmental disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning disabilities, attention challenges, executive functioning deficits, and social-emotional struggles. Dr. Creedon is available to participate in school TEAM meetings and conduct observations in schools or programs.

For more information:
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