Therapeutic Yoga Services

Yoga offers a holistic, safe and empowering approach to healthy development. Many studies have shown the benefits of yoga for children, particularly those with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, and Anxiety. Mind-body approaches are becoming increasingly popular as a means to directly address self-regulation, attention, and emotional reactivity. At the cutting-edge of this treatment revolution, NESCA has provided therapeutic yoga services to youth for the past several years, with excellent results.

The NESCA yoga program is rooted in the belief that self-awareness and self-regulation skills are essential foundations of success and general well-being in all settings. NESCA is pleased to offer therapeutic yoga services for children and adolescents.

Therapeutic yoga sessions with Ann-Noelle McCowan, MS, RYT

Therapeutic yoga at NESCA combines movement and verbal processing in a meditative way that helps take children out of their mind and thoughts and into their body. Each private session is uniquely tailored to ensure the child feels supported and engaged. Movement, breathing techniques, and mindfulness tools are interwoven through multisensory mediums of art, music, stories and creative play to encourage a child’s compassionate and positive relationship with himself or herself. With this foundation of self-acceptance, courage and strength are nourished to begin the practice of developing positive new coping skills and healthy habits.

Therapeutic yoga is a wonderful compliment or alternative to traditional psychotherapy. Numerous scientific studies have shown that yoga and mindfulness positively impact fitness, emotional regulation, focus and happiness. Science has shown that emotions and memories are held in our bodies and can continue to impact our health. The combination of movement and processing in therapeutic yoga helps provide a space to feel and identify physical sensations and emotions in the moment they occur, and start to look at how habits impact us in a safe and nonjudgmental space. Therapeutic yoga is adaptable for all ages and types of learners. With Ann-Noelle’s extensive background working in schools and providing yoga, NESCA clients are afforded the unique opportunity to build self-awareness and skills to empower them across home and school settings.

FAQs about Therapeutic Yoga

Who is it for?

Therapeutic yoga sessions are appropriate for a wide range of children and adolescents including those with anxiety, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders and learning disabilities.

How is it scheduled?

Sessions are conducted 1:1 or in small peer groups of 2-4 children for a minimum of 6 weeks. In many cases participants attend for much longer and yoga becomes an important and ever-evolving part of their lives.

How does it work?

A variety of movement, breathing, and mindfulness techniques may be incorporated. Sessions are designed to work with the learning style of each individual child and to address personalized goals. Games, music and other fun activities are included as appropriate to promote engagement.

How can I find out if therapeutic yoga is right for my child?

For more information about therapeutic yoga at NESCA or to sign up, please contact Ann-Noelle McCowan at (617) 901-7321 or

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